Introduction to Utilities

Utilities are high-specificity, very explicit classes. They are used as overrides and helper classes. They are usually one line of code and have !important to make sure they override all element styles when used.

Available Utilities

iotaCSS provide almost all the utilities you will ever need.

  • Align - for the vertical-align property
  • Bgcolor - for the background-color property
  • Clearfix - for elements to automatically clear their child elements
  • Color - for the color property
  • Display - for the display property
  • Float - for the float property
  • Margin - for margins
  • Opacity - for the opacity property
  • Padding - for paddings
  • Position - for the position property
  • Pull - for grid columns after offset
  • Push - for grid columns before offset
  • Size - for grid columns size
  • Text - for the text-align property
  • Transform - for the text-transform property
  • Weight - for the font-weight property